Ematik GmbH 2016
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Company History 1991 On 25 March 1991, shortly after the reunion of Germany, the Ematik GmbH was founded. Founding partners were the SKET SMM GmbH Magdeburg (ca. 2,500 employees) and the Elektromatik Dortmund GmbH (about 100 employees). By Elektromatik Dortmund GmbH, a company producing switchgears, electrical engineering know-how has been introduced. The shareholder SKET SMM GmbH contributed jobs in the fields of rolling mill technology, cable and stranding equipment, cranes, oil machinery, environmental technology and processing technology. At the start of business activities Ematik carried out extensive training programs to develop the skills of the employees according to the new tasks. 1995 The shares of the company were taken in a management buy out by Dipl.-Ing. Henner Doernenburg and Dipl.-Ing. Frank Juling. It was followed by a successful expansion of the company. Thus the Ematik GmbH is able to offer complete services from the manufacture of control cabinets, hardware and software design, visualization and database programing. 1998 Ematik GmbH became Wonderare system integrator 2004 Ematik GmbH became Solution Partner Siemens AG. 2006 the business for development of extruders from the engineering firm Dr.-Ing. Gruengreiff fwas integrated into the Ematik GmbH. The brand name of the extruder series is SKETmatik and is a registered trademark. In the same year Underwriters Laboratories Inc. certified Ematik GmbH for the manufacture and labeling of switchgear according UL508a. The File Number is: E303737. Also in 2006 the quality system certificate was issued in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. 2008 the company moved to the new head office at the airport of Magdeburg. With 800 square meters of office space, a pilot plant for the single screw extruders and a 700 square meter production workshop, the foundation stone was laid for a successful development. 2011 Ematik GmbH is celebrating its 20 th anniversary.