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Under the brand name SKETmatik, Ematik develops custom tailored Single-screw extruder.

All extruders, leaving the production, are tailored to the needs of our customers. The single-screw extruder have a screw diameter in the range of 16 to 160 mm and are designed for:  Mass Plastics (PE, PP, PVC ...)  Technical Plastics (PMMA, PA6, PA66, POM, PC, TPE, TPU ...)  High-Performance Plastics (PEEK, fluoropolymers, PPC ...)  Silicone

The SKETmatik single-screw extruder are used for:

Pipe and Profile Extrusion

Blow Molding

Cable sheathing

Film Extrusion

Medical Catheter

In addition, many other special extruders are developed, for example a rotor-stator mixing systems. The special knowledge of extruder technology is used in the development of special machines according to customer requirements. Some examples are: extrusion line for the production of spiral tubes, like breathing tubes extrusion line for the production of antibacterial silicone tubes for medical catheters system to cover a film with hot glue extrusion line for chemical foaming of geothermal pipes extrusion line for micro-extrusion of thin-walled and multi-lumen tubes, ...
Development of a line to produce spiral breath- tubes for medical application, Material: PVC-w and PWC-h
Development of a spiral mandrel tool for seamless production of micro tubes
spiral mandrel tool
New assembly hall for the extruder production is ready for use.
Development of a two layer spiral mandrel tool for TPU