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Extruders for medical applications

Medical Coextruder with contrasting stripe Extruder line for medical spiral breathing tubes Medical extruder for silicone catheter Extruder for medical catheter Medical spiral breathing hoses Extruder for medical catheter with melting pump
SKETmatik extruder are particularly used for the manufacturing of medical catheters. The specific requirements of medical technology are considered in the design of the extruder. Depending on the application, special steels, and stainless steel are used here. To avoid air turbulence in the clean rooms, the gearbox drive is cooled with water. For higher ratings the inverter of the main drive can be cooled with water. In some applications a torque motor without gearbox is used. With the use of spiral dia distributor and in some cases with a melting pump thin and more lumen tubes can be produced. A recent development is a line for the production of spiral breathing tubes. These tubes are made of PVC-soft for the hoses on which a PVC-hard spiral is applied during the production.