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Main Extruders

The main principle of the SKETmatik extruders is that they are manufactured to strict design principles and quality control to meet our customer’s requirements.
Single screw Extruder KEP 75-27-N Single screw Extruder KEP 45-27-N/TM
Barrel & Screw Barrel & Screw are available with L/d ratios from 25 to 35. The screws are nitrided as standard The barrels are air cooled with water-cooling to the feed zone. The options of grooved feed zones with axial or spiral grooves are also available. Screws can be supplied with any geometry to meet specific requirements including: Barrier screws that can be combined with shearing and/or mixing zones The screws can be removed from the barrel either forwards or backwards Bi-metallic cylinders are available for use with abrasive materials. Screws in special material are also available
Drive As standard motor and gearbox are mounted in a U configuration and the motor is AC with a digital controller (flux vector). Alternative drive systems are available: Compact Geared Motor, Torque Motor Both of these systems have the advantage of taking minimal space, having low noise levels, and are environmentally clean being water-cooled. The AC digital controller can also be water cooled if required.  
Barrel Temperature Control Efficient barrel temperature control is achieved using ceramic or glimmer heater bands and cooling fans blowing over specially designed copper cooling fins to improve cooling efficiency
Hopper:  The hopper can easily be moved between three positions: OPEN; CLOSED and DISCHARGE.Hoppers with sight windows or level monitoring systems are also available.Pneumatic or other material handling systems can also be accommodated.
Tool Connection Flange The barrel can be supplied with a thread outlet end or a complete flange assembly to suit the customer’s requirements
Safety Features can include: Bursting Disc to protect against excessive pressure.Safety cut- off in case of high motor load. Melt pressure Transducer to protect against excessive die pressure.
Frame Is a robust steel construction designed for low vibration levels. The frame incorporates separate piping systems for water, oil and compressed air according to the machines specific design.
Electrical Control The electrical control panel is integrated in to the machine and can include the follow variations to suit specific requirements: Single loop temperature control with automatic self tune. Touch Screen or Screen based control systems. Screen & control mounted in a pivoting housing. Potentiometer for infinitely variable sped control. Meters to indicate motor current and screw speed. Alarm indication via a flashing light system. Emergency Stop Run time counter Timed start up clock.