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Retrofit of extruders

The mechanical and / or electrical overhaul of older extruders often offer a cheaper alternative than buying a new extruder. Through the integration of modern process units significant quality and performance gains can be achieved. The picture to the right shows a 20-year-old extruder where the process unit has been replaced (feeder, barrel, screw). The old extruder was measured, a new process unit, consisting of grooved barrel, cylinder and barrier screw was constructed and assembled. This overhaul (gearbox, fan, heating, switchgear was not changed) improved the performance with PP at about 100%.
Single screw extruder retrofit Single screw extruder retrofit
Image above, a DC-drive with V-belt was replaced by a compact gear with asynchron drive. The inverter was installed in a separate housing and electrically connected to the main switchboard.
single screw extruder retrofit
Image above, an extruder was upgraded with a new process unit and a modern control cabinet. The control system has been fitted into the existing housing. The DC drive has been retained. In addition, the process unit was designed and fitted for Flour- Plastics.