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Laboratory Extruders

The SKETmatik laboratory extruder is designed to be flexible. The barrel can be easily changed, making it possible to test different applications in the laboratory using one basic extruder system. The PLC and display system can monitor and display a wide range of data including, melt pressures, temperatures, motor torque, screw speed, etc,. The data can be stored and transferred to a PC from where it can be used, for example, as an Excel data file to analyse the process performance. The PLC also has an Ethernet Interface. The barrel and screw as specifically design to meet the customer’s requirements. On demand the laboratory extruder can be supplied with two interchangeable barrels. The smallest labaratory extruder has a screw diameter of 16 mm and a barrel lenght of 27D
Laboratory extruder for film Laboratory extruder for medical Catheter Laboratory extruder with melting pump Laboratory extruder with degasing Laboratory extruder with changeable process unit Laboratory extruder for hot glue KEP 16-27-RN laboratory extruder