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Lines and Special Extruders

Each SKETmatik extruder is designed and tailored to specific customer needs and requirements. This leads to a variety of different designs of the extruders for materials like • Mass plastics (PE, PP, PVC ...) • Technical plastics (PMMA, PA6, PA66, POM, PC, TPE, TPU ...) • High-Performance Plastics (PEEK, fluoropolymers, PPC ...) • Silicones In addition, there are tasks for special mixing system, blends of nano-particles and much more. We are happy to deal with your special task. Examples of plants are listed below Plant for the production of spiral tubing Plant for the production of foamed tubes Plant for extrusion of films on a laboratory scale Rotor / Stator mixing system Special Extruder for hot melt glue
Plant for the production of spiral tubing  These tubes are made of PVC-soft for the hose on which a PVC-hard spiral is applied during the production.  Two tubes with different internal diameters can be produced (15mm and 19mm).  Other diameters can be manufactured by changing the calibration unit. sprial breathing hose Extruder Plant for spiral breathing tubes
Plant for production of foamed tubes Geothermal pipes are made by using chemical foaming. These pipes are characterized by very fine-pored foam. Due to the high pressure put on the foam in about a hundred meters below the earth's surface, the heam must have good ductile characteristics.
Extruder KEP 75-30-N for foamed geothermal pipes foamed geothermal pipes
Plant for extrusion of films on a laboratory scale This film extruder was especially designed for processing PET. The film thickness is about 40 microns and the width is of about 20 cm. The system is used by an institution to investigate thermoplastic concentrates, allow inline color and / or property corrections in the manufacture of food contact-approved R-PET films during processing.
Extruder for film
Rotor / Stator mixing system for processing of pellets and regrind for PP polymer blend, rotor diameter of 50 mm Rotorl length of 6-8 x D
Rotor / Stator mixing system Extruder for hot melt glue
Special extruder for hot melt glue Extruder moveable out of the line KEP 90-27-S with screen changer for continues production