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Our Extruders

Our success is based on constant improvement and development. For instance we are one of only a few manufacturers who have developed their own technology for a series of torque motors to eliminate the need for gearboxes. The main principle of the SKETmatik extruders is that they are manufactured with an open construction for easy access for maintenance. Strict design principles and quality control are obligatory to meet our customer’s requirements. The processing units, with L/D ratios from 20 to 35 and suitably adapted drive units help to guarantee the optimised processing of all extrudable thermoplastic materials. Our Concept Our Single Screw Extruders are designed incorporating the latest scientific and technological findings and are individually built to suit the particular customers requirements. Our range of extruders which can be optimised to suit your application are manufactured as: Main Extruders from 38 to 160 mm screw diameter and Co-Extruders from 16 to 45 mm screw diameter.  The advantages of having our machines optimised to meet specific requirements are:   Linear output with low pulsation. Excellent homogenous melt combined with low melt temperature. Moderate melt pressure within the barrel thereby optimising the power needed for the melt process. Minimisation of the running costs for the application. Up to 30% energy saving compared to a standard extruder.