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Coextruders and Side-Extruders

Our Coextruders and Post-Co-Extruders are designed to incorporate the latest scientific and technological innovations. Co-Extruder can be: Horizontal design Vertical design Post-Co-Extruder design   Our Co-Extruders are designed to the SKETmatik modular construction principle. Due to their application the Co-Extruders are mounted on a frame, which has castors and levelling screws.  The Co-Extruders - can be easily moved around the factory floor. - can be pivoted about a vertical axis - can be pivoted about a horizontal axis - have a 500 mm height adjustment
Side extruder Coextruder KEP B-25-25-S Coextruder KEP B-45-20-L Coextruder KEP KEP B-30-25-S Coextruder for medical hoses with contrasting stripes Post Coextruder, KEP B-38-25-L for window profile Post Coextruder, KEP B-38-25-L for window stripes side extruder KEP 60-25-S und Coextruder KEP 50-25-S vertical coextruder KEP B-38-35-L/TM Coextruder KEP B-25-25-S/TM Vertical Coextruder KEP B-30-25-S